Friday, April 17, 2015

Craddock Electrical

Spring is in full swing and you’re finally doing that outdoor landscaping and remodeling you’ve had in mind since last fall.  Your wife and kids wanted a pool for the back yard, you wanted a deck and a grill, as well as some new foliage to make the fence less obtrusive.  A good Christmas bonus and a frugal winter and you’re ready to start making those outdoor dreams a reality.  But don’t get left in the dark when the sun goes down!  

 Craddock Electrical of Hendersonville, TN compiled this list tips for outdoor lighting installations:

1.)  Pick the lights that best serve your yard.  Whether you need lighting for utility or purely aesthetic reasons, choosing the right outdoor lighting fixtures to highlight or illuminate your landscaping, deck, or patio can make all the difference in having a pleasurable nighttime experience in your yard.  While we recommend spotlights for highlighting features such as trees and shrubs, floodlights can illuminate a wide area and make night time play in your yard safer for kids.
2.)  Choose your power source.  Most outdoor lights are powered by solar power or low voltage outdoor power and can be turned on by plugging into any outdoor outlet.
3.)  Place the lights.  a.) Check and make sure there aren’t any underground utilities where you plan on digging to install your lights.  b.) Assemble the lights.  c.) Lay the lights in their positions.  d.) Lay the cable.
4.)  Install the lights. 

If you’re not the do-it-yourself type and are looking for outdoor landscape lighting, contact Craddock Electrical today!  Located in Hendersonville, TN we provide homes with landscape lighting, security lighting, eave lighting, and site lighting.  Inside, we do electrical appliance outlets, GFI outlets, general use outlets, electrical switches and electrical dimmers as well as chandeliers, recessed fixtures, scones, ceiling fixtures, display lighting and a number of other services. 

If you live in the Nashville metro area, contact us today!

Friday, April 3, 2015

Tips for Preventing Electrical Fires From Craddock Electrical

At Craddock Electrical, we want to keep your home or small business safe in all things electric.  That’s why we’ve compiled this list of five common causes of in-home and at work electrical fires.  While some fire prevention needs an electrician, in these instances, a la Smokey the Bear: “Only you can prevent electrical fires.”

Common user causes of Electrical Fires.

1.     Faulty electrical outlets and appliances.  We know, smartphones and computers, you use them all the time.  And it doesn’t take long for the cord on your device to fray!  However, using a frayed cord, running cords under carpeting, or removing a prong from your plug (i.e. making a three prong cord two prong) are all huge causes of electrical fires.
2.     Increased bulb wattage.  Having a light bulb with a wattage that is too high for your lighting fixtures can lead to fires.  Also, sometimes people (especially in-home) will put different materials over lampshades to diffuse light.  But doing so greatly increases the risk of an electrical fire. 
3.     Permanent extension.  Extension cords are temporary.  If you’re using an extension cord for an appliance that is never unplugged, it greatly increases the risk of electrical fire. 
4.     Space heaters.  Leaving a coiled space heater to close to combustible materials can lead to electrical fires.

Here’s where Craddock Electrical Services Inc. comes in.
5.     Outdated Wiring.  If your home is over twenty years old, chances are it does not have the wiring capability to handle the electrical appliances of the modern home.  When circuits get overloaded by too much electricity, an outdated breaker box with worn out systems can get overwhelmed and start a fire.

If you’re in need of rewiring, breaker boxreplacement, outlet replacement, light switch replacement, in home wiring and exterior lighting andwiring, and are in the greater Nashville area, Craddock ElectricalServices Inc. is the electrician for you.  With years of experience as a licensed electrician, Craddock ElectricalService Inc. prides itself on speedy, thorough and honest service.  And right now, we’ll offer free estimates anddiscounts to people in the public service sector.

So Visit our Website today, and get your home zapping back up to speed with Craddock Electrical.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Flickering lights...

Do you ever wonder what it means when one or more of your house lights flicker on and off?  Could it mean poor wiring?  More than likely this means that there is a poor connection somewhere and it could become a fire hazard.  Figuring out where that problem is can be very difficult.   A professional electrician such as Craddock Electrical of Nashville Tennessee is the best call.  They have both the knowledge as well as the tools to figure out the problem and fix it so that your home is safe.
  Let's take a look at some of the most common problems with Light Bulbs and Fixtures.
  1.  Problem: flickering/blinking lights.  
       Reason :  The circuit has a bad connection somewhere.  The main wire connection could be having trouble if the blinking happens throughout the home.
  2.  Problem:  A recessed light will work and then all of a sudden won't.
       Reason :  This is more than likely the safety cutout working to keep the light bulb from over heating.
  3.  Problem: Some lights run dim and others are extra bright.
       Reason :  This would be a bad Main Neutral connection or a bad neutral that 2 circuits are sharing.
    As one can see,  there are a number of problems that can occur and it makes it especially difficult since most of your wiring is hidden behind your house's walls.   Good electricians can access the situation without having to rip up your home.
    Craddock Electrical, located just outside of Nashville Tennessee in Hendersonville Tn.,  has the experience and knowledge to help you with all of your electrical needs.  Craddock will access and fix your electrical issue quickly and without being invasive.   For all of your electrical repairs in Hendersonville or Goodlettsville Tennessee,  call Craddock Electrical.

Monday, March 2, 2015

After years of renting and living in previously owned homes, you and your family have decided to build your dream home in the Nashville area. No more compromising on what you and your loved ones need and want in a living situation. You’ve set aside the funds and resources to create exactly what you have in mind, and you shouldn't settle for anything less than that.

It’s a process, you’ve put so much time into the layout, and you’re getting down to the details. Of all the services that you’re going to need, electrical is the most crucial. There’s so much to be done! Bath exhaust, ceiling fans, display lighting, heating and air conditioning, smoke detectors, outlets, breakers, cable…Plus, you’re even considering that hot tub that you have always wanted!

You need someone reliable, affordable, and trustworthy to handle all your electrical needs. With over 25 years of experience, all of Craddock Electrical Service’s electricians have acquired years on on-the-job experience on top of their certification. After all the time and money you’re putting into your dream home, you and your family deserve the best of the best.

Craddock’s Electrical cares about their customers, and it is of great importance to their company that they make that known. On top of providing top of the line service for your needs, they also want to buy dinner for your family. With a paid invoice of over $500, you will receive a 6-foot sub sandwich! Also, they support the local ROTC in the community high schools, and military and senior discounts are available.

Stop worrying about your electrical needs, and put it in the hands of the most reliable company around! Give them a call today at 615-481-3964 or visit their website now!

Monday, February 9, 2015

One of the many wonderful things about living in the suburban areas outside of Nashville is the beautiful, Historical district of downtown Franklin. Some of the homes built in this area date back to the very early 1900’s. The original, intact features of these exquisitely beautiful homes such as their wrap around porches and 60 year-old hard wood floors make them highly desired. In addition, Franklin is well known for its family friendly square with many local shops and restaurants to choose from. In addition Williamson County has been rating in the nation’s top 10 for its impressive public and private education system. The dainty, historical homes may be the perfect fit for many growing families; however, as with all older homes, it is important to update some aspects to prevent danger for you and your family members.

One common safety hazard in historic homes is the lack of grounded electrical outlets. Prior to 1962 the National Electric Code (NEC) did not require homes to have grounded electrical receptacles. When electrical outlets are not grounded there is a higher risk for electrical shock to you and damage to your appliances. In addition, if you live in an older home you have probably noticed that many of your outlets are only equipped for two prongs. Unfortunately, most updated technology, especially those that require lots of power call for three prongs outlets.

Many people go for the quick fix and just buy the plug adapters for their appliances that enable them to use the two-prong outlets. However, this can be unsafe, as these two-prong outlets are not grounded. Others try to play electrician for the day and update the old outlets themselves. The problem is that when they are replacing the outlets they think it is as easy as taking the old outlet off and putting the new three-prong outlet on. However, most of the time some rewiring is required. Then, there are some that take a different approach and just remove the grounding pin (or bottom prong) from their electronics. This technique may sound the most simple, but in reality is the most dangerous. Removing the grounding pin not only completely prevents grounding, but also disrupts the polarization of the appliance. Don’t do this!

Updating your electrical outlets and wiring to meet current codes is extremely important for your family’s safety. However, individuals should never assume that they could safely perform the task on their own. Always contact a certificated electrician to complete the job efficiently, effectively, and safely. Call Craddock Electric today (615)481-3964.  Craddock’s electricians pride themselves on their honesty and fair pricing. Visit their website for more information on products and services.

Monday, January 19, 2015

It was a cold, dreary, January Monday like so many in the heart of Tennessee’s winter. Karen had been up since four a.m. for her workout. By six she’d sent the kids off too school, and made her husband a nice, healthy breakfast before his major sales meeting that day. When she finally made it to work, 30 minutes late, the coffee was the cold, the printer was low on ink, and her boss’ bad mood was one for the books. Karen was fighting to keep her eyes open by 4:00. When she finally left to head home around five, the thunder was rumbling in and the rain was so heavy that she could barely see the stand still headlights in front of her. She thought she could take a deep breath when she finally pulled safely into her dry garage. The kids were down at the neighbors, and she just wanted a few minutes of quite before calling them home for the evening.

Karen walked into her bedroom more than ready to shed her starchy, skirt suit and slide into her comfy sweatpants and favorite Volunteer hoodie. But when she flipped the switch for the bedroom there was a moment of light and then all went dark. Hmm, it seemed a little strange, but Karen assumed the light bulb had just gone out. Cursing this inconvenient annoyance she dragged the ladder from the garage into the bedroom, and climbed up the rickety steps to the ceiling fan.

A few minutes later Karen stepped down from the ladder. Now with a pounding headache, which was quickly worsening at the thought that dinner hadn’t even been started yet. She walked over to the wall waiting for light to spill over the room…nothing. Then the irritation really set in. Just to be sure, she tightened the bulb and flipped the switch a few more times. Nope. Nothing. Twenty minutes, two bulbs, and a few curse words later the hard truth set in. This small nuisance just went from a quick fix to a job for the electrician.  

Although, she was annoyed Karen wasn’t’ worried. She’d been using Craddock Electric for close to ten years now for anything from garage door malfunctions to lighting restoration Craddock Electric’s services have always been professional and punctual.

Craddock Electric will rush out to repair even the tiniest nuisance. Don’t hassle with trying to figure out the meticulous details of your electricity.

Call Craddock Electric today (615)481-3964.  Craddock’s electricians pride themselves on their honesty and fair pricing. Visit their website for more information on products and services.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Hitting Rock Band Electrical Bottom

For months Karen’s son Matt had been asking for the new and improved top of the line electric Fender. He usually goes through short phases and changes his mind about what hobby to pursue quite quickly. However, since it had been over half a year they broke down and bought Matt the impressive instrument for Christmas. Karen was thrilled when Matt learned the basic notes and chords within a week of unwrapping the shiny, metallic guitar. However, what she and her husband did not know, or expect was that three of Matt’s closest buds also asked for top of the line rock instruments. Matt had been stealthily working on a plan to start a band out of Karen’s basement for months, and now that he and his friends had the electric guitar, the electric keyboard, a nice loud drum set, and of course the high voltage amp they were more than ready to begin practicing. Karen had always loved Matt’s best friends and had no problem with them coming to the house after school to hangout. However, everything changed when causal skate boarding sessions turned into band practice three nights a week. Matt even bought him self an extension cord with multiple outlets to allow for all the necessary band equipment to be hooked up simultaneously. But, as boys will do they overlooked one minor detail, the extreme amounts of electricity being used during these hardcore rehearsals. Although Karen was grateful for a few moments of silence for her head to recover, when she opened her eyes to see the house in complete and utter darkness she knew something had gone wrong. She hurried into the living room waking her husband who hadn’t stirred a bit from his evening power nap and handed him the heavy-duty flashlight. He blinked looking awfully confused as she pointed towards the stairs where the breaker box sat at the bottom. After about half an hour of flipping every switch up and back down Karen began to worry that she had a bigger problem than a few blown fuses on her hands. Matt came barreling into the kitchen rambling on and on about sparks in the basement. Karen grabbed another flashlight and ran towards the basement where she followed the cords from her son’s guitar to the wall where the large, black smudge on the wall revealed fried wires. The spark was coming from the second fridge that also ran through to the laundry room. The color began to drain from Karen’s face. This was no easy fix. Last night the temperatures dropped to a bitter low of 12 degrees, and it was only expected to get colder this week. Even with no heat in the house the frozen food stored in their sub zero freezer would soon spoil, and the wet clothes in the washer would be stiff and smelly by morning. 

 Don’t become the victim of an electrical catastrophe like Karen. Call Craddock Electric today for a skilled and certified electrician that guarantee efficient and honest work. Visit the landing page, for special offers available now, including a free electrical estimate or consultation.

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